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Board of Directors

John Pedicone

John serves as the President of GFS, since its pre-launch in 2018. John is the founder and developer of MathBee and has been the chief officer of the program since 2011.


John has been a Computer Engineer for Synopsys, Inc.  for the past 23 years in the consulting services division. His main expertise is in the design of computer chips for advanced technologies including ultrasound, cell phones, the internet, and computer graphics.  John has held both technical and leadership roles in the industry at Synopsys and also at General Electric and Lockheed Martin. He has extensive volunteer and organizational experience as a math tutor, a founder of the Math Bee and the Robotics program over the past 9 years. His passion for math drew him to found MathBee in order to create excitement for math among ALL students. With the goal to enhance math skills and student’s confidence, while at the same time providing opportunity for talented students to gain district wide recognition for their accomplishments.


Carletta Davis-Wilson

Carletta serves as the Vice President of GFS since March 2019.


Carletta is the principal of Maxi Elementary school (Located in east Winter Garden, OCPS). Carletta brings with her 20 years of combined instructional and administrative experience in both the elementary and middle school setting. She had worked with diverse populations including those under-resourced, economically disadvantaged, and new English language learners. She has experience working with community partners, school and district staff to create or enhance programs to serve students/communities.

Carletta is passionate about educating youths, however, opening the door of opportunity means even more to her. She is enthusiastic to further the work done by St. Luke’s IMPACT programs in her current and previous schools and to continue to benefit her students and families in other capacities. 

Terry McCorvie

Terry serves as GFS Secretary and Marketing area lead, since March 2019.

Terry is a proud member of Go Full STEAM Founder’s Circle.


Terry founded and developed Workable Solutions, LLC, a technology company specializing in healthcare billing and payments. Terry is currently the President of Select Projects Consulting (semi-retired), providing assistance to the industry as a consultant.

Terry’s prior experience includes VP Marketing and Graphic Design for an Orlando hospital system.

Terry’s appreciation for the arts developed during his high-school and college days. Just after college he spent two years as an actor and musical performer in a professional theatre company. His passion for the arts and his appreciation to the contribution the arts had on his personal and professional path manifest through his involvement in GFS.


Chelsea Scheid

Chelsea serves as the treasurer of GFS since March 2019.


Chelsea is a structural engineer, with over 10 years of experience in the design, analysis, and plan development of transportation structures. She currently leads a small team of engineers, designing bridges and toll structures in Florida and Texas.
Chelsea have been involved in several community outreach programs. Such as guest speaker in the engineering classes at Howard middle school and a member of the Central Florida MATHCOUNTS committee with Florida Engineering Society.

Aside from her engineering career, Chelsea is also highly involved in community theater in Orlando, working with Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, Bay Street Players, Breakthrough Theater of Winter Park, Playwright's Round Table, and Theater at St Luke’s.


Cathy Carver

Cathy serves as GFS board member and ArtWorks Orlando (ArtWorks) area lead since March 2019.


Cathy is a recent retired Disney executive. She brings with her an extensive career with the Walt Disney Company as Manager of Walt Disney Imagineering’s Interior Design department in Florida. Through her countless projects she had enjoyed the challenges and rewards of telling the story through interior design where Disney’s guests truly experience the magic.

Aside from her Interior Design Experience, Cathy has strong experience with Fine Arts and working with young students. Cathy created the Art of Expressions Art studio, for young students between the ages of 8-16 years of age; teaching fine arts and giving the students goals culminating in a yearly Art Show. For 5 years she had promoted an atmosphere where they could enjoy their talents, grow in their talents, and celebrate others’ talents.

Cathy enjoys mentoring and promoting the excitement of Artistic accomplishments and Joy and sees the Arts as an integral important component of youth development and of any type of learning.

Stephanie Delucia

Stephanie serves as GFS board member and Arts After 5 (AA5) area lead since March 2018.

Stephanie is a Reading Coach at Orange County Public Schools. She facilitates the implementation of reading programs, activities, and strategies designed to achieve school improvement objectives. Stephanie had spent her entire career, 22 years, serving in Title I schools. The communities in which she had served have been her mission field. She believes in breaking down the walls of the classroom as a means of exposing the students to all this world has to offer them.

Stephanie finds Go full STEAM to mirror her lifelong mission to break down the assumptions these children, their families, and their communities’ thought were in their future.  To provide opportunities and experiences that expand the children’s view of the world and what they are capable of achieving.

Lawrence Johnson

Lawrence serves as GFS board member and Robotics area lead since November 2019.


Lawrence currently work for Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a Procurement Quality Engineer. JPL is the leading U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system and has 19 spacecraft and 10 major instruments carrying out planetary, Earth science, and space- based astronomy missions. With his career experience Lawrence brings current robotic technology to the GFS organization.

Lawrence is passionate about the opportunity GFS provides to youth, to get hands-on experience in developing programs and building robots. In addition, he appreciates the potential in GFS to help students work in teams which is an important soft skill to possess for children as they progress through school and in their careers. Lawrence is committed to giving back to the community and to reach more children and attempt to influence them to consider a career path in the STEAM fields

Scooter Leonard

Scooter serves GFS board of directors since March 2018, as the liaison between St. Luke’s UMC and GFS.

Scooter has been the Executive Director of Administration at St Luke's United Methodist Church since 2017. He is responsible for the general business management of the church.  He oversees the COMMIT Ministry team which includes Human Resources, Facilities, Finance, Information Technology and Membership and acts as the staff liaison with the Committee on Finance, the Board of Trustees and Staff Parish Relations Committee.  Scooter creates and maintains an organized environment with good communication and management that enables clergy, staff, and lay members to minister effectively.  He is part of the Senior Administrative Team and has the ability to see the vision of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, while managing the details and providing the structure that supports the vision.

Scooter is the liaison between St Luke’s United Methodist Church and Go Full Steam which has its origination in the vision and ministry of St Luke’s UMC. 


Fred White

Fred serves as GFS board member, and HR area lead since March 2019.


Fred brings with him over forty years of executive work experience in a corporate environment. He had recently retired as Senior Director and Ombudsperson at Universal Orlando Resort. Fred Held numerous leadership positions specializing in Human Resources and Developed and designed strategic programs that supported and promoted a high performing and inclusive workforce. His extensive work experience, leadership and prior community service involvements provides tremendous positive contribution to GFS and added value both as a collaborator and as a role model.

Fred is committed to supporting under-resourced youth especially in providing opportunities to enhance their STEM related skills and knowledge. He sees the great opportunity in GFS to reach kids that may have no other avenue to enhance their knowledge of STEAM programs.


Bob D’Angelo

Serves as GFS board member and MathBee/Robotics area specialist since March 2019.


Bob brings with him an extensive managerial career in the field of publication and production. For over 25 years he successfully managed two computer graphics facilities for an international printing and media company. with full P&L responsibility. Prior to this job he worked for a New York City based magazine publisher for 10 years with responsibilities for: overseeing production planning, manufacture and distribution of a nation weekly newspaper magazine distributed throughout the United States.

In addition, Bob has experience as an educator, working for 5 years as Substitute Teacher for OCPS, primarily 3rd thru 5th grade and adults at Orlando Technical College.

Bob is familiar with the nonprofit world through his involvement with the Alzheimer's Association of Central and North Florida Annual Walk Committee. With responsibility for organizing the chapters annual Orlando Walk to End Alzheimer's Disease.

As a volunteer with the Robotics and Math Bee programs Bob had seen firsthand the impact these programs have on the children. The opportunity gap in STEM education that exists is great. An organization like Go Full Steam can help address these important needs


Yael Ginossar

Serves as GFS board member and organization/admin specialist since March 2019.


Yael brings with her a diverse career in the field of youth development, informal education and community arts. In her latest position as an Education Director at ArtReach Orlando Yael oversaw several art-based educational programs aimed to utilize the art to enhance the wellbeing of marginalized youth in Central Florida. Some of the responsibilities included curriculum writing, program facilitation and partnership building within the Central Florida communities. Her combined experience in social work and art education with youth of marginalized communities had taught her of both the great need for STEAM related opportunities, alongside with the great promise and evidence of success of culturally responsive programs that utilizing hands on experiences I the STEAM fields to enhance student’s competencies and sense of self-worth.


Yael had been working with ArtWorks Orlando supporting Renée Schnieder in facilitation of visual art programming in various out of school and in school locations since 2015. Yael had recently relocated to the Greater Washington area, however her passion and commitment to GFS called her to maintain involved even while physically remoted.

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